Program partners:

Mátyás Király secondary grammar school, Fonyód

located in Fonyód, specializes in languages, mathematics, sciences, and humanities, with a special emphasis on communication.
Our academic results are commendable: approximately 75% of our students continue their studies in higher education, and around 50% of them have language exams. Our dedicated teachers are always open to new challenges.

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We are deeply committed to international cooperation and the exploration of new cultures and best practices. By organizing extracurricular activities, such as international projects, we aim to enhance education’s effectiveness and motivate our students. These activities encourage curiosity and problem-solving skills, allowing students to deepen their knowledge beyond regular lessons. Additionally, we recognize that some of our students come from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, and we are dedicated to supporting them in every possible way. Our goal is to provide opportunities both within and outside the school environment.

Spojená škola, Tokajícka 24, Bratislava

The history of Spojená škola, Tokajícka 24, Bratislava dates back to 1949 when it was a vocational school for Custom factories VKUS /sewing of clothes/. The school was later transformed several times. It was formed Spojena škola with establishments Gymnasium and Associated Secondary School of Fashion.

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In 2009 the school was transformed into Spojená škola with establishments Gymnasium and Secondary School of Applied Arts. In 2013 -thethird branch of the school – Secondary woodcraft school was established. At school we have students (about 10 % ) with special needs. The school is involved in many national but also international projects and competitions. We are open to all ideas. We have a lot of experiences in the field of this project from previous international cooperations. With this opportunity we would like to draw our students’ attention to environmental issues and provide a unique extracurricular educational experience for our students.