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Velcome in project Vysegrad Fund 2024

Starting the project 12330008

Meeting in Hungary

Meeting in Slovakia

About our project

Our project focuses on the environment. Our primary goal is to raise our students’ awareness about sustainability and provide practical tips on how they, as individuals, can lead a sustainable life. We plan to visit various places (farms, restaurants, companies, and power plants) that operate in a sustainable manner. Both partners will invite experts to conduct workshops where we can learn everyday ideas for sustainable living, including recycling old objects in our households.

In addition to this objective, we aim to foster friendships within the partnership communities. We will explore places that allow us to learn more about our cultural heritage and natural values. To share the project’s outcomes, we intend to involve as many partners as possible. This includes inviting parents, representatives from our partner schools, and local authorities to participate in project events.



Trip to Hungary

Trip to Hungary

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Project focusing on sustainability

Project Focusing on sustainability

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Slovakia – Hungary favourite moments

Slovakia - Hungary favourite moments
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